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UX Research and Service Design

A newly released typeface licensing service has a lot of ground to cover before it can be hit with customers and users.

Monotype's SaaS and platform were necessary for customers needing a library of fully licensed fonts. However, despite their persistent need, many customers hesitated to renew their subscriptions. Set on understanding the root cause of this issue, I approached the drop in renewals from three angles: product, user, and service.

Research began with assessing the product's key interfaces and user flows using bespoke and industry-standard heuristics. Findings from this evaluative research were synthesized into design recommendations, some of which focused on improvements to wayfinding, accessibility, and search.

We discovered that as a result of the marketing and sales process, most customers expected the service to expedite their font management tasks. Yet many felt the platform instead heavily taxed their workflows and increased the time it took to select the perfect front for their project.

With the insights gleaned from customer interviews, I outlined the phases most customers experience on their journey to and with the platform. During which, they interact with the various Monotype teams. The service sellers and providers. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Account Management, Product, and Design.

Wanting to tie everything, the platform assessment and customer insights, together and align on a way forward with internal teams, I co-facilitated a two-day workshop with the key internal teams. This workshop resulted in a re-prioritization of the near-term SaaS feature roadmap and enhanced customer support services.

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